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About rigs, assets, and props.


You receive two rigs

  • Akash
  • Vani


Compatibility: Maya 2020+

Used: Advanced skeleton for basic setup.

Terms and conditions

All rigs, props, and assets are the property of Animseeds. You can use it only for your assignment or demo reel purpose.


It is strictly forbidden to share or distribute with anyone or any third party.


  • It  is educational, noncommercial use only.
  • Licenses are for a single user.
  • You can’t edit any part of rigs.


please tag me on social media @animseeds #animseeds


Animseeds is not responsible for any type of damage when you are using our any rig assets and props.

No racist, pornographic, or otherwise offensive content.


If any animation institute, school, academic, institution would like to use our rig, assets, and props, then contact us first at



If you find any rig issues, please contact me.


Thank you. Happy animating!

Akash and vani maya rig

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