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The Animseeds Pose Challenge

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hello Animators and students,

Welcome to everyone to the Animseeds pose challenge. This is a 30 day challenge. Everyday Animseeds provide one pose reference for it. You have to create same pose and submit it same day. Challenge start date on 26.01.2022 and end date on 25.02.2022. Here is a link to join our group

For registration, submit your details here

Registration end date 25.01.2022

Note: without registration if you join our group, your submit not valid for the challenge.

You can ask any question or doubt to join our group.

Download layout Frame for final submit.

Pose challenge submit layout
Download RAR • 1.07MB

After creating pose you have to arrange your reference, pose, and silhouette side by side. Add your name and number of pose below the bar. And save it as a PNG or JPGE. Your file is ready to submit. Submit it in our group.

If you have any doubt, contact us. Thank you. Happy Animating.

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