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Personal 3D Animation Demo reel 2022.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I gather my last 2 years fews personal animation worked what I have done lying down on my bed. Many more you can see in my site at

Maybe my story can inspired you to do something. Little bit about me: I am Artist and Animator who dying to animate everyday even hospital bed. I am suffering spinal cord injury (transvers myelitis) last 4 years now. But my strength is my family, friend, animation and art. What I love and like to do every day. My experience is, If you facing difficulty again and again in your life and nothing worked for you. Then just start doing what you love to do. God give you many options to recovery yourself. I am facing so much pain and difficulty everyday but Divine give energy to forget it and give me hope for better future and vision. And staying positively and motivated in my imagination with divine love. Follow your own path what you want to achieve. Don’t chasing other cycle. May be its not working for you. Thank you everyone for your support and love and care. By God graces,

I hope I will animate and draw more and staying in my imagination. Feel free to connect me and motivate me.

Thank you.


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